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     South Carolina recognized almost 300 parents and thirteen affiliates representing seventeen counties held local celebrations for National Parent Leadership Month in February 2008!

   National Parent Leadership Month acknowledges the strengths of parents as leaders and recognizes the extraordinary courage and tenacity of parents  who have reached out to make improvements in their families and communities.

A Parent Leader is: a  role model for other parents, an advocate for children, families and communities;  and a parent, grandparent, foster parent or anyone in a parenting and leadership role. 

      Strong Parent Leaders are more likely to be effective parents, so promoting Parent Leadership is essential to our goal of building and supporting strong, safe families.  

     Our thanks go to our Community Partners, Parent Leaders, and our state-wide network of affiliates for their efforts in making South Carolina a Parents Anonymous® program to emulate when celebrating National Parent Leadership Month.




     More information on 2008 National Parent Leadership Month.

Parent Leadership

Shared Leadership

Stono Park Elementary, Charleston, SC,  honored parents in celebration of National Parent Leadership month at their February PTA meeting.  Parents recognized for their leadership service were: left to right ,Principal Ruth Taylor, Rosa Spencer, Andrea Rivers, Kim Eubanks, Racine Clark, Wendy Norris, Pauline Nelson, Barbara Ramsey, Michelle Spigner.  Not shown: Angelita Nelson and Carol Harken.

National Parent Leadership Month 2008

in South Carolina


Parents Anonymous® of South Carolina, Inc.

 South Carolina Parent

Leadership Team


Members of the South Carolina Parent Leadership Team are, left, Lee Nix, and below left, Sharon Kirby, below right, Tanya Jones.

       Parents Anonymous® of South Carolina consults with the South Carolina Parent Leadership Team to be sure 

the parent viewpoint is part of decisions. Their input in things such as publications has proved invaluable. The Team has also taken a role in helping the state office plan and present the Parents Leading the Way Conference. 

    Are you interested in a forum to discuss leadership development and opportunities with others across the country , go to the Parent Leadership Network, sponsored by Parents Anonymous® Inc.  It is also an excellent resource for professionals to obtain input and learn shared leadership strategies.